Daryl Gregory

The Mana and Tapu of all people make us unique as individuals and I believe that we are created to be connected to others. I am passionate about encouraging whanau to provide a lifestyle, which encourages and nurtures personal, corporate and spiritual growth within the communities they live in.

Kia ora I am from Waikato Tainui living in Christchurch and a current Board member of CASA. I am married we have a son who is working hard as a musician in the Wellington scene to make his mark. In my spare time I am interested in making short documentaries of interesting characters I meet every day. I enjoy travelling, good food and cold ale with my lovely wife Rose.

Who is CASA?

We are a team consisting of:

  • Our Board of Directors who provide governance and oversight – Leon Bakker, Daryl Gregory, John Bushnell and Veronica Aris
  • Our Senior leadership team consisting of the Chief Executive (Maree Inder), Operations Manager (John McIntyre) and Clinical Managers (Kirsty Louden and Roger Shave)
  • Our Contractors who work across the different programmes delivered by CASA